Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Vegetable Spaghetti Pasta

Going on gluten free diet meant giving up most of my favourite dishes. Including Italian. I know there are plenty of gluten free pastas on the market, but mostly their ingredients are not good. I don't really like the idea of xantan gum. However, I do sometimes use ready gluten free mix when baking. Never mind as it is not about flour but about pasta without flour...

I was seriously concerned about Little Girls eating as she was (and still is) a pasta lover. My sister advised me to make a courgette pasta and that was it! For the first time it was rather tagiatelle as I used vegetable peeler. But then we decided to get a vegetable spiralizer. I've done my researches and chosen the best one for us. Since then I can eat our favourite spaghetti which maybe is far from Italian one, but for us - even better:)

Usually I use courgette to make my spaghetti pasta and carrot to make a broth noodles. But the spiralizer is perfect for making chips. And if you have a dehydrator you can go raw :D Perfect for apple, parsnip or beetroot chips!

So, the recipe is very simple. You only need a spiralizer and courgette. After spiralizing your courgette you have some options. You can boil it, you can steam it or you can leave it raw. It's entirely up to you. I boil mine in a tiny amount of water for just couple of minutes until it's warm and tender. Then serve it with a sauce. If you eat dairy you can use Italian style cheese. As we are dairy free we don't use it (well, hubby does). What you will see in pictures is actually almond meal.

It was definatelly worth buying it! I got my spiralizer from here. I love kitchen gadgets, but this one is particularly good!


  1. I'm going to have to get myself one of those!! I've tried making courgette pasta with my potato slicer but it doesn't come out right.
    I recently found a recipe for gluten free bread that wasn't too complicated but it had xanthan gum and/or psyllium husks in it - never used either of them before so not quite sure what they are. As none of us are allergic to gluten (although I can't deny that I feel much better when I don't eat it) I think I'll stick to a regular bread recipe but only as a treat at weekends!! (my husband is french so life without bread is not worth living!). Had a look at the gluten free range in the organic supermarket recently and there is a lot of 'strange' ingredients in there!
    I make a cashew nut and sesame seed 'parmesan', that I think tastes better than the real stuff.

  2. looks delicious ! I have to have the spiralizer.