Friday, 28 November 2014

For the begining...

Kids change everything. They turn your world up side down and you forget that you had something called "own life" . But they give something much better instead, at least in my case:)  I never considered myself as creative or talented. I wouldn't even try to make anything. But having kids you either have to be filthy rich or talented. I was a bit unlucky so had to search if I have any talent.

So I found that I can cross stitch, knit a bit (very simple things) and sew. A bit again. I don't really have to persuade anybody that thing made by your own bring more joy, or do I?


Nothing special but yes, it makes me happy :D

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Let's get it started

Once again but first time in English. I've changed my life completely over a year ago. Moving to UK with a husband, Little Girl and two cats was like a new start. Why UK, why England?
I love the language since I remember. Love London (even though now I live somewhere else). Love the weather (wind is ok, rain not necassarily). Love English countryside. Love English houses (Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian - I know  they're all different) . Love Yorkshire pudding and mince pies. Love English parks.... And plenty more :) As you see I had enough reasons to move in here:)

After that my life has changed even more - after over 2 years od dreaming about sewing machine I got one so the journey has started. But the biggest change happend this September, when our Little Boy arrived into to this world, peacefully in our home.
So, here we are. Here I am. Take your favourite cuppa and join me:)