Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kids In Pics 52/2 and 52/3

This year didn' t start as we would all wish to. It is already a hard year and there is nothing we can do about it. I had so many plans which now have to wait... All our thoughts are turned to husband's father now. We all hope for the best...

When I look at these two the only thing does matter. To keep them safe. And even though I know it isn't possible to avoid everything, this is a big concern...

I couldn't write last week, I just wasn't able to think about anything else. So many things had happend...Little Girl had turned up 3 last week. There wasn't a big party, her dad could't be with us as he had to support his parents. But I've managed to prepare someting for our guests. I can't sometimes belive how quickly they grow... It was like yesterday when I hold her, so tiny, so delicate... And now she's taking my lipstick when I can't see her and argue with me all the time... Strong character...
All the best Sweety! 

Because last Saturday I've missed Kids In Pics, today I publish pictures from last Saturday and today's pictures.



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