Monday, 5 January 2015

Coconut pancakes - gluten and dairy free

I have tried many of coconut pancakes, those with flour and those with shredded coconut. All of them were far from my tastes. Their were either to dry or to eggy in taste and did not want to keep their shape. That is why I started trying to find my best solution for recipe. And I think I have made it. At least it is what me and the rest of us (apart from Little Boy obviously) find as not only edible, but yummy :D

The rest of recipe is very easy - just mix everything together like for ordinary pancakes. My hint is to use coconut oil for frying - it must be hot enough but not burnt. Use a table spoon, or a bigger one to place your mixture on a pan. It is better to keep the rather small.

 As You can see I am using Raw Virgin Coconut Oil by Optima. For my personal taste - this one is the best. Not only fo cooking.

Yeeeeaaaahhh :) Little Girl is always helping:D

 A bit of fruit of your choice...

 ... some honey, maple syrup. coconut cream or homemade peanut butter...

...and it is ready to serve.

 I love them with coconut cream ( The best I have found is by Sainsbury as it has got not bad ingredients.) then a splash of maple syrup and some donut peach chunks*. Yuuummmmyyy! 

*It also tastes great with blueberries!


  1. That all sounds so delicious, and your photography is wonderful!
    I tried making rice flour pancakes a while ago and they just fell apart in the pan? chickens ended up having them!

    1. So nice to hear that:)
      I don't have much experience with rice flour, I guess it is tricky to do something only with rice flour then. At least you've got chickens :D

  2. looks delicious but probably Kai has problem with eggs :-/

    1. Poor Kai... I think some people swap eggs with bananas. It should do good in this recipe.