Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Winter in the town

Christmas passed too fast this year. Probably because of having two constantly in need kids. But it was a good time spent with friends, and even though it is over I still can't really get back to every day duties. Maybe because of the snow? Yes, we do have a snow. It is not as it used to be in my country, soft and fluffy, but we managed to build a snowman.

Now when I've got my own family I see Christmas in a different way. All the magic is mostly for kids. I want them to remember it as I remember. Waiting for first star to sit at the table and enjoy Christmas Eve supper, thanking for all good things that we experienced, and all the food given, sharing Christmas wafer with all those who are dear to us and wishing all the best... It is worth to prepare everything by my own, even if that means going to bed at 2am, even if that means being in a constant rush, even if you burn something because your Little Ones decided to cry/ be in your arms/ make a mess... It is worth. Because only then you can truly enjoy and relax.

I want to share a bit of our Christmas today...

Our Christmas tree was decorated mostly with handmade decoration made by my, my friend and my mom. Even a lamp got it's decor - waldorf style stars.

Sometimes I miss Christmas full of snow, even if winter is not my favourite season of the year. But I must admit that this year's snow was a big surprise. A positive one:) 

I still feel a bit lazy and can't really do anything constructive. Luckily I've frozen some Christmas food... Tomorrow is the last day of the year, let me be lazy just a day more. I will then get myself and do something. I will do my best byt I don't promise. I'm rubbish at that...

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gluten Free&Dairy Free Pistachio Macaroons and about those pictures which will last forever.

Each year at Christmas time at my family home we baked Christmas cookies. There was no other option than taking that tradition with me. I dreamt that one day I will stand in the kitchen with my daughter and bake cookies just like my mum with us - me and my sister. That dream came true. I've got my Little Girl, and now also a Little Boy, and before each Christmas we bake cookies. This year even with my mum...

So there were three generation of women, of which the youngest was not even 3 years, standing in the kitchen, laughing, chatting and baking. And yes, I did take some pictures. Even my husband took, but unfortunately I deleted the from the camera before downloading them... But the picture of my mum and my daughter mixing all the ingredients will always stay in my heart. Just like that one from over 2 years ago when mum was holding Little Girl and dancing with her. She was fighting breast cancer... I don't have picture of that moment either, but it will last in my heart forever.

 This year's cookies are very special. First time gluten  & dairy free, and first time baked altogether. Feel free to try that gorgeous recipe that we really loved as the three of us trully love pistachio nuts!

Pistachio macaroons recipe:

55 g skinned pistachio nuts
40 g icing sugar
1 tbsb rice flour
2 egg whites
55 g caster sugar
55 g desiccated coconut 

 Preheat the oven to 350F/ Gas mark 4. Process pistachios, icing sugar and rice flour in a food processor until finely ground. Whisk egg whithes until stiff and gradually add caster sugar still mixing. Fold in the pistachio mixture and coconut. Place spoonfuls of the mixture onto baking trays and bake for about 20 minuts or until slightly brown. Cool & serve!


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why gluten & dairy free?

I was thinking about changing the diet to gluten free over a year but each time I thought about freshly baked bread, ciabattas, cinamon swirls, quiches or tarts I have heard that voice in the back of my head saying "forget about it"... I decided not to go on gluten free diet as I did not really have to. 


Little boy had bottom issues almost since he was born. We couldn't treat it with anything as nothing helped. I have found that honey was great to treat my son's severe nappy rash but it did not solve the problem. So I started searching, looking for advice as I did not wanted to go on formula. A friend of mine advised me to cut out gluten (all grains actually) dairy and sugar to clean my body. In that way I got to the point that Little Boy had got dairy intolerance. He had the same symptoms* as his sister had over 2 years ago so that led me to conclusion that Little Girl also has dairy intolerance but not detected for all that time. 

That is why I put all my effort now to change the diet in our family for dairy free - as I have to, and gluten free (or almost gluten free) - as I want to. 

Since I cut out the dairy  Little Boy's skin got better and he finally started sleeping! Now my biggest worry is how to convince Little Girl and Mr Dad (who in fact also has intoleracne and I give my head for that) to not eating favourite cheddar and butter... Any ideas?

There is also a big challenge in front of me... preparing gluten free and dairy free Christmas! That will be FUN!

So please, keep your fingres crossed for us! And, of course, stay tunned for recipes!


* severe nappy rash, seborrheic dermatitis, rash all over the body, muscous poo

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent calendar 2014

Last year at this time the whole house smelt like cookies. This year I barely can do anything. I don't really have to mention how time can shrink with two offsprings... Especially when both of them are ill and the littlest one has got a mental leap in addition. I do dream about mind reading! And additional pair of hands, as even my mum, who came with a helping hand got ill. In fact, it is only me who is not ill. Yet...
So, I managed to finally finish my advent callendar and bake one kind of cookies. Not much, but still. At least Santa got his cookie! I guess that the plan for this year Christmas is to survive. But there is also a light in the tunnel! Maybe Little Girl will change the nursary, maybe she'll start school earlier, maybe I will finally finish her room which was a big pain as I lost the idea (found it back again), maybe my recent dream will come true...However, in the meantime I'm leaving you with some pics!

Here it is! This year advent callendar (you can see the previous one HERE and 2012 HERE). I love the fabrics and they match perfectly with the garland and hearts above! As far it is the nicest Christmas decor this year.

And that's the work in progress;) (before Little Boy fall into mental leap) 

Did I mentioned that I ABSOLUTELY  A  D O R E charity shops? No? So now you know:) I could spent hours just hunting for goodies like that :) Nothing gives me more joy than something almost digged out, something what could have been someone's favourite, precious, loved... Well, nothing else apart from that and creating something new. My house is full of "things with soul".

I have finnaly found something to keep my ribbons in. I kept them in a shoe box but now it is much better and I don't have to hide it anymore.

I also find quite useful to have my ribbons and laces on  wooden cloth pegs. The just look better on them and they match my new jar perfectly! I just wish I could find another one like that. It would be perfect as a flower pot!

Yes, this is definatelly one of my favourites now! Just wonder how others store their ribbons. Any ideas?


Monday, 1 December 2014

High contrast panel

When Little Boy was born I was desperate to make something in contrast colours. I bought some felt and stucked with the idea. The question was: "what, how and when" ... Had no idea. Two months passed and still nothing, as the last time I sewed felt I said "never ever....", Little Girl is quite demanding, Little Boy has got his needs, and I struggle with diary, sugar and gluten free diet ( due to Little's Boy buttom problem).... No way I'm gonna make it...

But then I just came up with the idea of making it without sewing. And that was it!

I cut out shapes and left the rest for Little Girl. Well almost the rest;) You can imagine what fun she had gluing and sticking felt shapes for her Little Bro! Great time spent together:)

In case you wonder why Little Girl doesn't have her hair done... Yes, we do have a comb, a brush and enty of girlish hair stuff, but that individual stage seems to never end... But getting back to the panel...here you can see the result:)

In the end I sewed all squares together, so they create a panel, but you can make a book or just simply stick/hang them in different places on the wall. And the most important thing is that you can make it with your toddler (if having one) when the baby sleeps :D

As Little Boy sleeps with us he doesn't have own bed yet and his room is actually a guest room or landury, we've decided to make him place on our chest of drawers. There are still some things missing but I'm working on it:) You can't see it, as Little Boy is ill, so doesn't want to cooperate but he is delighted!

So, how do you like it?