Friday, 2 January 2015

Have a rainbow dreams!

Setting up this blog is a huge difference as this time I do not have that much of free time. The layout is not yet what I want it to be and it will take more time than I planned. But you can now Follow my blog with Bloglovin, you can also find me on Facebook!

The New Year has just come bringing new hopes and new dreams. I don't really have a list of goals fo 2015. Instead of that I wrote my dreams on a piece of paper and I wish myself at least some of them came true. This is what I also wish for all of you. 

If we speak about dreaming and having head in the clouds... I came with the idea of a rainbow cloud somewhere on a Pinterest (where else...) and fell in love with it! It reminds me of my Little Girl whose imagination is just surprising. But this one was sewn for another Little Girl called Lea, who has stolen my heart recently:) Little Girl and Little Boy will have their own as well.

As I finally got a concept for Little Girl's room I can start collecting things and you can be sure that I will share the progress in works:) Little Boy's room will also be done, even though he feels comfy in our bedroom. So stay tunned if you want to see what I planned for them!

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