Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Winter in the town

Christmas passed too fast this year. Probably because of having two constantly in need kids. But it was a good time spent with friends, and even though it is over I still can't really get back to every day duties. Maybe because of the snow? Yes, we do have a snow. It is not as it used to be in my country, soft and fluffy, but we managed to build a snowman.

Now when I've got my own family I see Christmas in a different way. All the magic is mostly for kids. I want them to remember it as I remember. Waiting for first star to sit at the table and enjoy Christmas Eve supper, thanking for all good things that we experienced, and all the food given, sharing Christmas wafer with all those who are dear to us and wishing all the best... It is worth to prepare everything by my own, even if that means going to bed at 2am, even if that means being in a constant rush, even if you burn something because your Little Ones decided to cry/ be in your arms/ make a mess... It is worth. Because only then you can truly enjoy and relax.

I want to share a bit of our Christmas today...

Our Christmas tree was decorated mostly with handmade decoration made by my, my friend and my mom. Even a lamp got it's decor - waldorf style stars.

Sometimes I miss Christmas full of snow, even if winter is not my favourite season of the year. But I must admit that this year's snow was a big surprise. A positive one:) 

I still feel a bit lazy and can't really do anything constructive. Luckily I've frozen some Christmas food... Tomorrow is the last day of the year, let me be lazy just a day more. I will then get myself and do something. I will do my best byt I don't promise. I'm rubbish at that...

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