Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent calendar 2014

Last year at this time the whole house smelt like cookies. This year I barely can do anything. I don't really have to mention how time can shrink with two offsprings... Especially when both of them are ill and the littlest one has got a mental leap in addition. I do dream about mind reading! And additional pair of hands, as even my mum, who came with a helping hand got ill. In fact, it is only me who is not ill. Yet...
So, I managed to finally finish my advent callendar and bake one kind of cookies. Not much, but still. At least Santa got his cookie! I guess that the plan for this year Christmas is to survive. But there is also a light in the tunnel! Maybe Little Girl will change the nursary, maybe she'll start school earlier, maybe I will finally finish her room which was a big pain as I lost the idea (found it back again), maybe my recent dream will come true...However, in the meantime I'm leaving you with some pics!

Here it is! This year advent callendar (you can see the previous one HERE and 2012 HERE). I love the fabrics and they match perfectly with the garland and hearts above! As far it is the nicest Christmas decor this year.

And that's the work in progress;) (before Little Boy fall into mental leap) 

Did I mentioned that I ABSOLUTELY  A  D O R E charity shops? No? So now you know:) I could spent hours just hunting for goodies like that :) Nothing gives me more joy than something almost digged out, something what could have been someone's favourite, precious, loved... Well, nothing else apart from that and creating something new. My house is full of "things with soul".

I have finnaly found something to keep my ribbons in. I kept them in a shoe box but now it is much better and I don't have to hide it anymore.

I also find quite useful to have my ribbons and laces on  wooden cloth pegs. The just look better on them and they match my new jar perfectly! I just wish I could find another one like that. It would be perfect as a flower pot!

Yes, this is definatelly one of my favourites now! Just wonder how others store their ribbons. Any ideas?


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