Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why gluten & dairy free?

I was thinking about changing the diet to gluten free over a year but each time I thought about freshly baked bread, ciabattas, cinamon swirls, quiches or tarts I have heard that voice in the back of my head saying "forget about it"... I decided not to go on gluten free diet as I did not really have to. 


Little boy had bottom issues almost since he was born. We couldn't treat it with anything as nothing helped. I have found that honey was great to treat my son's severe nappy rash but it did not solve the problem. So I started searching, looking for advice as I did not wanted to go on formula. A friend of mine advised me to cut out gluten (all grains actually) dairy and sugar to clean my body. In that way I got to the point that Little Boy had got dairy intolerance. He had the same symptoms* as his sister had over 2 years ago so that led me to conclusion that Little Girl also has dairy intolerance but not detected for all that time. 

That is why I put all my effort now to change the diet in our family for dairy free - as I have to, and gluten free (or almost gluten free) - as I want to. 

Since I cut out the dairy  Little Boy's skin got better and he finally started sleeping! Now my biggest worry is how to convince Little Girl and Mr Dad (who in fact also has intoleracne and I give my head for that) to not eating favourite cheddar and butter... Any ideas?

There is also a big challenge in front of me... preparing gluten free and dairy free Christmas! That will be FUN!

So please, keep your fingres crossed for us! And, of course, stay tunned for recipes!


* severe nappy rash, seborrheic dermatitis, rash all over the body, muscous poo


  1. When Kai was 1 I cooked everything gluten free and dairy free also "pierogi" for Christmas so good lock . :-)
    Now I'm thinking about back this diet because I felt better

    1. I was about to prepare dumplings but still not sure if I manage with time, but I've heard that gluten free dumpling are so good! Well to be honest I can't tell the dofference yet between beeing gluten free and not. Probably the matter of the time! If you felt better the go back! You're always my inspiration:)

  2. I kinda feel the same when I think about going gluten free - fresh baked bread etc, but having done the whole30 twice (no grains, dairy, sugar, legumes or alcohol) I know I physically feel so much better when I don't have any.
    Have you found a good substitute for wheat flour? I keep reading all about coconut flour being great to cook with but here (french alps) it's so expensive.
    Your food looks amazing.

    1. Hi Emma, thank you for your comment.Going without all of those was a difference for sure. Unfortunetely there is no one good for everything substitute :\ cocnut flour is great for baking and pancakes, but for cooking (e.g thickening sauces) tapioca flour or arrowroot powder is better. Buckwheat flour is good for many things as well and cheaper than cocnut. You can also make your own cocnut flour by grinding desiccated coconut. I also use millet flour which I make by myslef by grinding millet or millet flakes. There will be more recipes słoń, so you're welcome to stay:)

      P.S.You live ina a beautiful place! My husband was in Chamonix for couple of days as he won a trip in his old job. I couldn't go...

    2. There will be more recipes soon, of course. Writing on a tablet is not a good idea... :) and of course I meant coconut not cocnut ;)