Monday, 1 December 2014

High contrast panel

When Little Boy was born I was desperate to make something in contrast colours. I bought some felt and stucked with the idea. The question was: "what, how and when" ... Had no idea. Two months passed and still nothing, as the last time I sewed felt I said "never ever....", Little Girl is quite demanding, Little Boy has got his needs, and I struggle with diary, sugar and gluten free diet ( due to Little's Boy buttom problem).... No way I'm gonna make it...

But then I just came up with the idea of making it without sewing. And that was it!

I cut out shapes and left the rest for Little Girl. Well almost the rest;) You can imagine what fun she had gluing and sticking felt shapes for her Little Bro! Great time spent together:)

In case you wonder why Little Girl doesn't have her hair done... Yes, we do have a comb, a brush and enty of girlish hair stuff, but that individual stage seems to never end... But getting back to the you can see the result:)

In the end I sewed all squares together, so they create a panel, but you can make a book or just simply stick/hang them in different places on the wall. And the most important thing is that you can make it with your toddler (if having one) when the baby sleeps :D

As Little Boy sleeps with us he doesn't have own bed yet and his room is actually a guest room or landury, we've decided to make him place on our chest of drawers. There are still some things missing but I'm working on it:) You can't see it, as Little Boy is ill, so doesn't want to cooperate but he is delighted!

So, how do you like it?

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