Monday, 2 February 2015

Window veggies

There are some things in life which make me stop for a while and think. Our life has slowed down a bit in past few weeks. There was a time for tears, grief and memories but also for fear and hope. It is said that hope dies last. There is something in it. Our hearts still hope even if our minds have lost it. But no matter what has happener, our life goes on and we have to keep up with it...

We've got another winter this winter. It is snowing again. Little Girl is under the weather again and so am I, to be honest. The winter came in time I was thinking of starting my first garden leaving me with my plan for a bit longer. But... Instead of a proper garden we've started one on a kitchen's window. A great fun for Little Girl who can observe and learn how plants grow! 

I took some vegetable scraps and put them into the dishes filled with water. Such an easy thing :) they are going to be Little Girl's first crop as we're going to plant them as soon as the place in the garden is ready.





 Carrot - still looks the same...

To be honest, I did not belive that we will grow anything that way, but as you see it is growing:) And Little Girl is having so much fun when looking at her veggies ;) If you wondering how long did it take to grow vegetables to that stage - a week only.

I will have to post a small update later in the week as now all of the veggies are bigger. Apart from carrots...


  1. I have to show my sealer. Looks great!

  2. Looks fun. We tried last year with celery but it went rotten. Like the way the garlic looks, think we'll give it a go.