Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Foggy Foggy Forest

I used to think that I haven't got any addictions. Well, apart from chocolate. But I do have. Far more than chocolate...

One of them are kids books. I love the stories and design but most of all I love books with the concept. And when those there jest in a book I am in heaven:) As my own books went on upper shelves (and for further plans) with the begining of 'kids era' I mostly read children books. That's why I am terribly fussy in case of books ;) And as we read in two languages we have quite nice collection which is still getting bigger. 

I know - the stores are full of great books, but here  you'll find my very subjective selection :) The first book is not very popular in the world, it is not a kind of cult book it doesn't even have illustrations that would make me stepping on my tounge. What actually amazes me in this book is CONCEPT!

The whole idea is in paper! It is transparent! And that means a lot of fun with light and shadows. And what is hiding in a Foggy Foggy Forest?

Each page gives you a question and each one the answer which is rhyming...

So there are 3 bears, an Elf, Cindirella and Snow White, an Ogre and even Little Red Riding Hood and her Gran. But if you want to know what are they doing in the Foggy Foggy Forest you'd better rush to the book store or library ;)

The Foggy Foggy Forest
Nick Sharratt
Walker Books

P.S. You cand buy your In the Foggy Foggy Forest book also HERE.
I got mine during Fun Day in a local Children Center.

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